We’re the leading solutions-based independent medical case management company providing Worker’s Compensation case management services in the United States since 1991.

We Serve With Compassion

We understand the importance of trust and safety, especially during stressful times. This understanding and patient-focused care helps guide our decision-making throughout the case process. With both patients and partners, we foster an environment of compassion, which makes all the difference.

We Nurture Personal Relationships

One size fits all? Nope, not here. We’re proud of the special, personal relationships we’ve built with our patients, partners, and employees; and we do what it takes to foster those partnerships and provide superior service. 'We treat you like family' means something here at EagleOne.

You'll Save time & Money

We could all use more time and more dollars in our pocket. The goal of any case we work is to create exceptional outcomes for you; to find effective, innovative, and efficient strategies. Our deep experience and commitment have demonstrated their positive impact for patients and partners alike.


We see the medical landscape with an eagle eye, and we understand case management from a fresh and whole perspective. This allows us to approach projects differently and to implement our unique process which results in faster and far superior treatment and a lower overall cost to your program.

24/7 Nurse Triage

It all starts with making the right decision at the inception of an injury. Our 24/7 Nurse Triage unit is a medical call center that you can count on  designed to proactively reduce the number of claims and the medical costs associated with minor workplace injuries.


  • An immediate resource for patients that are uncertain of the nature of their injury

  • Eliminates unnecessary trips to the clinic and ER saving the patient and employer time and money.

  • Reduction in worker’s  compensation claims and costs

  • Reduction in unnecessary medical costs 

  • Reduction in lag reporting times

    Documentation within moments of injury allowing supervisors/employers to focus on safety and prevention 

    A quick, seamless method to report workplace injuries which removes supervisors from having to make decisions on medical treatment

    Lower Experience Modification ratings

  • ....and more

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Case Management

We understand that being injured is difficult and disruptive to anyone’s daily routine. At EagleOne, it’s our job to ensure that all injured employees get the best healthcare available to recover in the quickest time possible. Our experienced case managers treat their patients with great respect, as if each of them were a family member.

We offer:

  • National Telephonic Early Medical Intervention

  • Nationwide Telephonic Medical Case Management

  • Field Medical Case Management

  • Catastrophic Case Management

  • Task Assignments

    Independent Medical Exam (IME) Facilitation & Set-up

  • File Reviews - Medical, Liability, Auto


  • Expedited medical treatment

    Quality health care

  • Reduction in lost time days

  • Full duty return to work outcomes

    Shorter medical durations

  • 20-30% reduction in claim cost

  • ...and more

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Specialized Consulting Services

As your partner, we are constantly looking at ways to enhance your program performance and achieve your long term financial goals while improving the overall health of your employees.

Our valued added, fully customized service offering includes:

  • Occupational Clinic Design & Setup 

  • Job Analysis & Coaching 

  • Workers Compensation Program Analysis

  • Tail Claim Analysis & Closure Projects

  • Physical Therapy Assessments & Consultations

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The longer an injured employee is out of work, the more detrimental it is to their health, well-being, career and overall outlook on life. Our Work-to-Recovery program is a national interim transitional return-to-work program, fully customizable, that places injured employees into charitable, volunteer and not-for-profit organizations.


  • Reduced indemnity payments/financial impact of workplace injuries

  • Minimize lost time

  • A motivated employee with a productive mindset

  • A positive and productive way to give back to the community

  • ...and more

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Certified Home Assessment and Modification Professional

After a work injury, some aspects of a person’s life may change. If their job responsibilities are modified to accommodate their injury, why shouldn’t their home?

Codi Mariscal is a Senior Nurse Case Manager handling Catastrophic and Complex cases for EagleOne. Codi is certified in performing home assessments as a Certified Home Assessment and Modification Professional (CHAMP).


  • Allows patients to navigate their everyday lives in the safest and most effective way possible

  • Home modifications are tailored to the specific needs of the patient

  • Prevents unnecessary expenses from being added to the claim file

  • Designed to help the patient perform everyday life activities

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"The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others."

Mohatma Ghandi


In an ideal world, EagleOne wouldn't have to exist. No one would get hurt on the job. But because real life isn't always what we want, we're here to help patients and partners through this burden. We understand the magnitude of what an injury can do to a individual's life and to the financial stability of an organization. It is our purpose and promise to restore health and recovery as quickly and safely as possible.

Focus On Relationships.

It isn't just business, it’s personal. We treat partners and patients like family and do whatever it takes to cultivate and strengthen our relationships.

Navigate With Empathy.

Compassion is our guiding star. Our kind and experienced nurse case managers treat patients like family, and our ability to put ourselves in the shoes of our patients gives us the unique ability to help in way most can't.

Create Custom Solutions.

Each and every patient is unique. We take pride in generating solutions that are personalized to each patient and his/her circumstance.

Drive Measurable Results.

We don’t just report data. We're driven to explore and innovate so we can continue to successfully find and utilize our proprietary, results-driven management system.

case studies

EagleOne Helps Man With Severe Hand Injury Get Back to Work 170 Days Earlier & With Improved Health

In February 2016, a 36 year old Machine Operator named Kevin, working at a cabinet company in Virginia,  suffered a severe crush injury of his dominant hand, ultimately requiring three surgeries. This was a devastating blow for this hard-working man, who needed to work to support his family. EagleOne helped Kevin get back to work safely and 170 days faster than expected, avoid litigation and additional medical costs, and even helped him stop smoking in the process!


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